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Implementation of phpMyAdmin for Nethserver, from the original ideas and works of all developers involved in smeserver-phpmyadmin.


Stephane de Labrusse AKA stephdl (stephdl [@] )



first yo need to allow my repository, see how to do it

Then you can install the module

yum install nethserver-phpmyadmin --enablerepo=stephdl


yum install nethserver-phpmyadmin --enablerepo=nethforge


see default settings, please issue that command in a root terminal

config show phpmyadmin


You have two principal modes to log in phpmyadmin, all combinations are possible. You can use adminaccess and multiaccess together or one instead the other.


You have only the multiaccess mode, the login is admin and the password is stored under /root/.my.cnf

do in a terminal

cat /root/.my.cnf

Mode adminaccess

Access with admin/password (same as the password of server-manager) via:


In this mode you are in a single mode only, no other ways to delegate the DB management to other users.

In order to enable or disable :

config setprop phpmyadmin adminaccess enabled/disabled
signal-event nethserver-phpmyadmin-save

Mode multiaccess

In this mode you can delegate the DB management to other users by the user and the password of the database. Furthermore this mode is more convenient since the authentication is made with cookies. You can easily close the session.

With the multiaccess mode, the admin account gets a new password which comes from '/root/.my.cnf'. Once you retrieve it, you can change it in the phpmyadmin session for a password more easier to recall.

to retrieve the admin password :

cat /root/.my.cnf

You can access via:

https://yourdomain/phpmyadmin-multi         if adminacces is enabled and multiaccess is enabled
https://yourdomain/phpmyadmin             if adminacces is disabled and multiaccess is enabled

In order to enable or disable :

config setprop phpmyadmin multiaccess enabled/disabled
signal-event nethserver-phpmyadmin-save

Restrict access (local network or internet)

You can set how the access to phmyadmin is allowed

public : all internet (can be dangerous) private : only your local network

In order to enable or disable :

config setprop phpmyadmin access public/private
signal-event nethserver-phpmyadmin-save


Please raise Issues on github


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