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 ====Installation==== ====Installation====
-Add my repository +Add my repository, [[nethserver|see how to do it]]
- +
-  yum install
 then install the module then install the module
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 and think about the transmission samba share and think about the transmission samba share
 +====DB entries====
 +see the different db properties
 +  # config show transmission
 +  transmission=configuration
 +    DownloadDir=/var/lib/transmission/Downloads   #folder where save downloads
 +    TCPPort=51413               #port opened to public to allow peers to connect to transmission, set a value or set it randomly in transmission
 +    WebNameDir=dl-transmission  #Url to retrieve downloads : https://IP/dl-transmission
 +    Webaccess=private           #the web service to retrieve download is restricted to the local network (public/private)
 +    access=public               #peer port opened to public
 +    status=enabled
 +and the entries relative to the daemon
 +   # config show transmission-daemon 
 +   transmission-daemon=service
 +     Name=transmission     #Url to reach transmission web application https://IP/transmission
 +     TCPPort=9091          #transmission port restricted to the localhost
 +     access=none           #transmission port restricted to localhost (it exist a reverse proxy)
 +     status=enabled
 ==== Issues ==== ==== Issues ====
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