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-We have a deep knowledge in [[https://​|SME Server]] or in [[http://​|Nethserver]],​ you can follow our activity at [[https://​​stephdl|github]] and contact us at [[]] 
-By purchasing a license you gain access to the Stephdl repository as a member. Software are Licensed ​ under the [[gnu_general_public_license|Gnu Public License v3]], they are distributed in the hope that it will be useful. 
-License must be paid yearly, it gives you the right to install, update rpms from this repository. 
-  * [[https://​​cgi-bin/​webscr?​cmd=_s-xclick&​hosted_button_id=522LGWXATZQ4A| 60 €]] For school, non profit and home user 
-  * [[https://​​cgi-bin/​webscr?​cmd=_s-xclick&​hosted_button_id=YT3F2L4TZSTCJ| 150 €]] For enterprise, support for the software installation 
-====Professional support==== 
-Instead to rely on a forum support, you have a priority email support during daytime (Paris TZ).  
-  * [[https://​​cgi-bin/​webscr?​cmd=_s-xclick&​hosted_button_id=4MPT8ML4E24QW| 350 €]] For Email Support (intended for one Issue) 
-====Software development==== 
-You are looking for a software development,​ please ask what you need, we will study each case and bring back the good solution. 
-You can support my GPL work by giving a [[https://​​cgi-bin/​webscr?​cmd=_s-xclick&​hosted_button_id=ZPK8FKHVT4TY8|donation]] ​ 
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