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-==== Phpsettings ==== 
-Nethserver is a distro based on an internal database which is used to set values in the php.ini, but once these values are fixed, it is for the whole server. The purpose is to set php values **only for the Ibay** which is the httpd container of the web application. In other word, if you set maximum values to php in the ibay '​Foo',​ their values are valid only for this Ibay and certainly not for others. Therefore you can set hight values to an ibay and let other with lower values. 
-first yo need to allow my repository, [[nethserver|see how to do it]] 
-  yum install http://​​NethServer/​6/​noarch/​nethserver-stephdl-1.0.0-1.ns6.noarch.rpm 
-  ​ 
-Then you can install the module 
-  yum install nethserver-phpsettings --enablerepo=stephdl 
-  ​ 
-==== Usage ==== 
-Go to the relevant Ibay Panel and set you specific php settings for that Ibay 
-==== Issues ==== 
-Please raise Issues on [[https://​​stephdl/​nethserver-phpsettings/​issues|github]] 
-source are available https://​​stephdl/​nethserver-phpsettings/​tree/​ns6 
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