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-==== TT-rss ==== 
-TT-rss is a rss reader, see 
-First you need to install my repository 
-  yum install 
-  yum install nethserver-tt-rss --enablerepo=stephdl   
-==== Usage  ==== 
-normally the service tt-rss (which controls the feed updates)  will be started automatically, if you want to control it 
-    service tt-rss start 
-you can use (start, stop, restart, status) 
-you can see the internal configuration database 
-    # config show tt-rss  
-    tt-rss=service 
-        MultiUser=enabled 
-        MysqlPort=3306 
-        access=private 
-        status=enabled 
-once you have modified a property you need to launch a signal-event :     signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update 
-  * rss Feed update  
-If you want to completely stop the daemon of feed update 
-if you want to modify it (private|public) 
-    config setprop tt-rss status disabled 
-    signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update 
-  * Private/Public access 
-by default tt-rss is allowed only on the private side, eg : your local network. 
-if you want to modify it (private|public) 
-    config setprop tt-rss access public 
-    signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update 
-  *Multi User 
-By default the multi user access is activated, tt-rss can manage several users with their personnal rss feeds 
-if you want to modify it (enabled|disabled) 
-    config setprop tt-rss MultiUser disabled 
-    signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update 
-Then you have to go to https://your_ip/tt-rss (or in dashboard->application->tt-rss) and use a valid user of your nethserver (can be 'admin' if a password is set) 
-==== Issues ==== 
-Please raise Issues on [[|github]] 
-source are available 
-==== Epel rpm ==== 
-  pwauth 
-  perl-Expect 
-  mod_authnz_external 
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