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 TT-rss is a rss reader, see https://​​redmine/​projects/​tt-rss/​wiki TT-rss is a rss reader, see https://​​redmine/​projects/​tt-rss/​wiki
-First you need to install my repository +First you need to install my repository, [[nethserver|see how to do it]] 
-  yum install http://​​NethServer/​6/​noarch/​nethserver-stephdl-1.0.0-1.ns6.noarch.rpm+
 Then Then
   yum install nethserver-tt-rss --enablerepo=stephdl  ​   yum install nethserver-tt-rss --enablerepo=stephdl  ​
 +  ​
 +You need to go to https://​your_ip/​tt-rss (or in dashboard->​application->​tt-rss) and use a valid user of your nethserver ​
 +  * admin User
 +on NS6 is '​admin'​ if a password is set
 +on NS7 create and use the user admin@yourdomain to login. yourdomain must be relevant to your domain :)
 ==== Usage  ==== ==== Usage  ====
- + 
 +   ​*Control the services
 normally the service tt-rss (which controls the feed updates) ​ will be started automatically,​ if you want to control it normally the service tt-rss (which controls the feed updates) ​ will be started automatically,​ if you want to control it
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         status=enabled         status=enabled
-once you have modified a property you need to launch a signal-event+once you have modified a property you need to launch a signal-event ​:     ​signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update
 +  * rss Feed update ​
 +If you want to completely stop the daemon of feed update
 +if you want to modify it (private|public)
     config setprop tt-rss status disabled     config setprop tt-rss status disabled
     signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update     signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update
-Then you have to go to https://​your_ip/​tt-rss (or in dashboard->​application->tt-rss) and use a valid user of your nethserver ​(can be 'admin' ​if a password ​is set)+  * Private/​Public access 
 +by default tt-rss is allowed only on the private side, eg : your local network. 
 +if you want to modify it (private|public) 
 +    config setprop ​tt-rss ​access public 
 +    signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update 
 +  *Multi User 
 +By default the multi user access is activated, tt-rss can manage several users with their personnal rss feeds 
 +if you want to modify it (enabled|disabled) 
 +    config setprop tt-rss MultiUser disabled 
 +    signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update 
 +  *Authentication 
 +Control the way users are authenticated. Correct values are **http** (apache protect the access), **internal** (uses the internal database to manage users and groups. An admin have to create ​user account before they can login). you need to login using admin/​password on NS6 or  admin@yourdomain/​password on NS7 
 +    config setprop tt-rss ​ Authentication http 
 +    signal-event ​nethserver-tt-rss-update 
 +  *default system plugins for All 
 +You can force to all users some system plugins ('note' is by default, comma separated list), see  https://​​gitlab/​fox/​tt-rss/​wikis/​Plugins 
 +  config setprop tt-rss Plugins4All note,​digest 
 +  signal-event nethserver-tt-rss-update 
 ==== Issues ==== ==== Issues ====
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   perl-Expect   perl-Expect
   mod_authnz_external   mod_authnz_external
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