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-==== ddclient ==== 
-First you need to install my repository 
-  yum install http://​​NethServer/​6/​noarch/​nethserver-stephdl-1.0.0-1.ns6.noarch.rpm 
-then you can install my module 
-  yum install nethserver-ddclient --enablerepo=stephdl 
-  ​ 
-===== Usage ===== 
-you have a bundle of dyndns providers, some are free of charge, others are not. If you think that more providers could be added, please raise an issue in github and provide the dydns configuration (GG is your friend) 
-When your providers is not listed, you have custom fields to fill but in case of specific settings it is possible that it doesn'​t work -> raise a bug 
-==== Issues ==== 
-Please raise Issues on [[https://​​stephdl/​nethserver-ddclient/​issues|github]] 
-==== RPM from atrpms ==== 
-source are available https://​​stephdl/​nethserver-ddclient/​tree/​ns6 
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