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   */36    *                         repoview  /var/www/vhosts/   */36    *                         repoview  /var/www/vhosts/
 +=====Clean Your repository=====
 +first we need to install yum-utils, take a look to the [[|documentation]], it is really interesting
 +  yum install yum-utils
 +Now we will use repomanage, this command is only made to list either old or new package, matter of choice.
 +  repomanage --keep=2 --old /your/path/to/folder
 +  repomanage --keep=1 --new /your/path/to/folder
 +here I want to list and keep only two versions of each rpm. Put this command in a cron job 
 +  rm $(repomanage --keep=2 --old /your/path/to/folder) -rf
 =====Sign your RPM===== =====Sign your RPM=====
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