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Welcome on my Personal repository for Nethserver and SME Server

I'm Stephane de Labrusse, a French lover of Freedom Software and passionated by the rpm software development.

Here my contact and my Github account

You will find my RPMS with their wiki page to install them, some documentations, stay tuned.

You are looking for a Freelance, Hire me

As a software developer and a system administrator on NethServer and SME Server, I could help you to fix your issues or to create the code you miss.

Some jobs I could do for you :

  • System administrator job
  • Migrate your SME Server to NethServer
  • Install NethServer in a public or in your private cloud (remote access needed)
  • IT consulting

You can contact me directly by :

I speak French and English.

My professional website (French) is


All my development work is done in my free time and from my own expenses. If you consider my work as something helpful, thank you to kindly make a donation to my paypal account and allow me to continue paying my server and all associated costs.


See Stephdl Repository Installation and find my Modules. For saving my time, only the documentation on the Nethserver wiki is updated.

Closed on 1 september 2015

Reopened on the 24 September 2016

SME Server

See SME Server Repository Installation and all my Contribs



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